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Triumph of Avacyn Playmat

Artwork by XVII Creative Endeavors LLC.

This was actually the very first artwork I have ever commissioned, back in late 2017. Back then the Facebook page was known as XVII Art & Design. Much of the early work I saw showcased angels and other MtG characters in pin-up style, which was not what drew me to XVII as I see Avacyn as an object of devotion rather than desire, but it was the quality of the work and the idea that I could have my own hand-drawn custom playmat.

Triumph of Avacyn
Triumph of Avacyn playmat by XVII Creative Endeavors

Ever since the conclusion of the Shadows over Innistrad story I wanted something to express my personal views on how the story should have ended. My idea was fairly vague, I wanted to show Avacyn winning over the three planeswalker and Sorin specifically had to be dead. Since my idea was so different from previous work shared by XVII I wasn't sure if he'd agree to the commission but he was happy to work with it and produced something amazing. I am always blown away by the mixing of colours and the details whenever I use the playmat.

Triumph of Avacyn playmat sketch.
Triumph of Avacyn playmat sketch
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