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Mother of Runes

Alter by Sacrificial Alters.

The first time I came across artwork by Euan, the artist behind the Sacrificial Alters, was when I saw a post about their completely altered Pauper Elves deck. The style was simple, black line portraits on white canvas, and I thought it looked really cool. Couple of weeks later I saw that they began to offer commissions in the same style, which got me thinking about what card I could get altered by them.

Mother of Runes by Sacrificial Alters
Mother of Runes by Sacrificial Alters

Given the portrait style I thought It had to be a creature card. Additionally, their style is at its best when covering the whole card, leaving only the name box and the power/toughness box, which made me think it should be a creature with a simple effect that is easy to remember, and the card also ought to be white because the alter will be on white background. After talking with Euan we settled on Mother of Runes.

Mother of Runes alter sketch

I was happy for Euan to come up with the design for the alter, with my only request being to add reference to the Church of Avacyn so that it fits the theme of the deck. And their digital sketch certainly didn’t disappoint! It looked like a nice fit for Mother of Runes, and the collar of Avacyn was added as earrings and a necklace.

The physical alter is very much what I expected from the sketch. Very happy with it overall and I am sure it will make my Mother of Runes stand out on the battlefield.

Facebook page: Sacrificial Alters

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