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Treasure Token

Artwork by Alberto S. Ballesteros Illustration.

I’ve had these tokens since October 2022. The idea for a token card came to me after I received my commission from Sk0oma. The artist included a custom token which had blank fields, so it could be used as anything, and on the back side it was like a business card.

Treasure token by Alberto S. Ballesteros Illustration

I thought about printing cards with the website link before when people asked me about the alters. I thought it could be useful to give them something to remember the link.

Then I thought a regular business card would be boring, so why not make a token?

I remembered that Alberto designs and prints his own custom tokens for sale, so he was my first choice to approach about this project. The artist was happy to take it on, and I tried to give him freedom to come up with the theme for the token. My main desire was to have an Avacyn theme, but ambiguous enough so that the token could be anything.

Alberto went with an altar design and suggested it should be a specific token. The first idea was a Clue token, but in my mind that was too niche of a token, I would like people to actually use them. At the same time I thought the art could use some extra colour by adding gold coins and we came up with the idea to try a Treasure token. I liked that version much more and it made sense to use it as a specific token because Treasure is used a lot.

The back side was designed to reflect the website colours, using the same background and font. The QR code links to a blog post where people can share their comments about the deck and the game we played.

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