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Thrill of Possibility

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Alter by MIB Alters.

The first time I pulled a Lucid Dreams card from a Modern Horizons 2 booster pack I was enamoured with the artwork by Nils Hamm. Unfortunately for me, the card is blue, which is not a colour I play much in Commander, and it certainly could not be used in my Avacyn deck. Fortunately, it presented a great opportunity for a new alter, and MIB was my go-to choice to continue with the young Avacyn theme.

Thrill of Possibility by MIB Alters
Thrill of Possibility by MIB Alters

The main change from the original was the composition from landscape to portrait because I wanted a full card alter. More often I ask for the rules box to be preserved but Thrill of Possibility is an easy card to remember, and I wanted more of the artwork to be seen. It was my aim to preserve most of the original image, especially the vibrant colours and the glowing fish. The main changes were adding the Avacyn themes, from the angel herself to the church mosaic on the floor.

As always, MIB did not disappoint with the sketch. I thought he managed to fit all the elements really well into the layout of the card. The only change from the sketch to the final alter was removal of the frame above the card name. The frame was sketched there because I wished for the Mystical Archive version of the card to be used.

Thrill of Possibility sketch by MIB Alters
Thrill of Possibility sketch by MIB Alters

The final product is amazing in my opinion. Somehow MIB managed to maintain the original colours but also made it more colourful, even including background details that I haven’t noticed on the original.

Facebook page: MIB Alters

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