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Snow-Covered Panorama

Alters by Indra Antoneviča.

Throughout the year I’ve seen Indra’s land panoramas come up in the various Facebook alter groups and each time I liked what I saw. Her technique and colour blending just looks so nice and fresh. I’ve had panorama land proxy cards done by Alberto S. Ballesteros a few years ago, but thought I’d like to have actual alters of Snow-Covered lands that I use in the deck.

Generally the more cards are part of the panorama the more impressive it looks but I decided to go with a two card combo because the deck is two colours only, and it leaves more basic lands to be altered. The deck has a limited number of those.

As always I wanted the alters to fit the theme so I’ve asked for the landscape to include a church to have that old gothic Innistrad feel. The rest of the landscape was up to the artist. Indra’s idea was to make it mostly black and white with red tones, going for a grim expression. I thought that sounded like a perfect fit.

Mountain & Plains panorama by Indra Antoneviča
Mountain & Plains panorama by Indra Antoneviča

There was some misunderstanding in the first request and Indra altered regular basic lands. The result does look great, I love the blood red field and ominous storm clouds, but since I needed Snow-Covered lands for this deck I’ve asked for a second commission. This time I’ve asked to include Avacyn’s symbol at the top of the church tower.

Snow-Covered panorama by Indra Antoneviča
Snow-Covered panorama by Indra Antoneviča

Indra was happy to make a second panorama, and suggested changing the red for purple. The result was fantastic. The feeling I get from this landscape is more serene than grim, but I love the colour palette and how the church is highlighted by the sun. The frozen landscape leaves no doubt it is a Snow-Covered land.

Screenshots from Indra's making of video.

Instagram page: walls.n.magic_cards

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