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Skullclamp & Basilisk’s Collar

Alters by Micha's Alters.

Pencil style alters are not something that I see often and it kept grabbing my attention when I saw Micha’s alters shared on Facebook groups. Micha’s art always had darker tones, monsters and the sort, but I thought for certain cards in my deck it would be a fitting theme. I hadn't decided on any particular cards, so after settling on alter style I have given Micha three pairings of cards to choose from, whichever inspired him.

Skullclamp & Basilisk Collar by Micha's Alters
Skullclamp & Basilisk Collar by Micha's Alters

Remorseful Cleric & Selfless Spirit (Creatures), Field of Ruin & Ghost Quarter (Lands), and Skullclamp & Basilisk Collar (Equipment). As always, for each of those pairings my request was to tie it with the Avacyn theme, but I wanted to give Micha as much freedom as possible to let his style flourish.

Micha chose to do the Equipment, and while the alters do not showcase the Collar of Avacyn, I was happy the Equipment was represented on female Angel form so the cards still fit into the deck nicely. I am rather fond of the Skullclamp and the perspective of the card.

Facebook page: Micha's Alters

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