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Rogue’s Passage

Updated: Mar 11

Alter by MIB Alters.

This alter was the first time I have asked MIB to use a specific image as a reference. I came across this image of a young angel and thought it was very fitting for the young Avacyn theme I have on other alters done by MIB. With this image I really liked the composition and the mix of green, yellow and brown colours, and thought MIB was the best artist to reproduce it.

Rogue's Passage by MIB Alters
Rogue's Passage by MIB Alters

When deciding what card to alter with this image, I settled on Rogue’s Passage because it is a rather useful land in the deck, and the way I interpreted the image was sneaking through a hedge maze and trees. So to me it represented Rogue’s Passage really well.

MIB’s first sketch was more faithful to the original image than I wanted it to be, but after clarification that it was meant to represent Avacyn, MIB matched it to the other alters with young Avacyn. The only other change after colourisation was making the eyes match more closely to Avacyn’s style.

As always, I was very happy with the final product. MIB replicated the reference image really well, and the quality was as always superb.

Facebook page: MIB Alters

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