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Mask of Memory

Updated: Mar 11

Alter by Micha's Alters.

With this alter I wanted to continue the theme of the Equipment cards I had previously commissioned from Micha. There were few options from the remaining Equipment cards in the deck that did not have special printing, or were not yet altered. I’ve settled on Mask of Memory because the original art is just a bit too generic, but it is a useful card in the deck.

Mask of Memory by Micha's Alters
Mask of Memory by Micha's Alters

Just like with the previous alters, my only request was for the alter to feature a female Angel to fit the deck theme. Micha did not disappoint. I like the mask’s design and especially the angel’s hairstyle. Compared to the previous commission, there is a subtle difference with the treatment of the name and text box.

Facebook page: Micha's Alters

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