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Hyena Umbra

Alter by Sk0oma Alters.

When I made this commission, Hyena Umbra was the only Aura card in the deck. This was back in June 2019, and it remains the case as of May 2022 when the commission was finished and mailed to me; making it the longest commission I’ve ever waited for, but I’d say it was worth the wait.

Hyena Umbra by Sk0oma Alters
Hyena Umbra by Sk0oma Alters

I like the Hyena Umbra because it offers a lot of utility for a low mana cost in a Voltron style deck, but I was not fond of the theme. The idea of an angel inside a spirit hyena just didn’t feel right. As such the basic idea for the alter was an interpretation of an umbra enchantment but with an angel rather than a hyena, or something to that effect. Admittedly that is a fairly vague concept but I thought it would work for an artist that has an abstract style. Sk0oma’s work felt like a perfect fit for that.

Another reason I have chosen Sk0oma Alters was because he always seemed like an established artist in the community and I wanted to have a commission of his artwork in my collection. I am very happy with the final result and it fits well with my vision and the deck’s theme.

I am aware that it might seem over the top that a common card was worthy of an alter such as this, considering Sk0oma Alters rates, but to me it is a perfect card to be altered because the more expensive cards often already have a fancy version printed by Wizards.

Facebook page: Sk0oma Alters

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