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Command Tower

Updated: Mar 11

Alter by MIB Alters.

The concept for this alter came from a sketch done by MIB for my Plateau alter. Even though the sketch wasn’t used for that alter, I still really liked the concept and didn’t want it to go to waste. I was wracking my brain on how to use it since Avacyn on a swing is not something that would fit on just any card. I prefer my alters to be somehow reflective on the card’s name. I have already been thinking about an alter for Command Tower and thought it could work because the tower could be in the background rather than the main focus.

Command Tower by MIB Alters
Command Tower by MIB Alters

To keep with the Church of Avacyn theme I thought the tower could be represented as a church on Innistrad, and lots of artwork of Innistrad shows gravestones with the Collar of Avacyn. When combined all together the idea became of young Avacyn swinging in a church graveyard. A macabre theme but I liked it so I pitched it to MIB and he produced an awesome sketch of it. As with most of my commissions I wanted to preserve the name and rules text boxes, this is just a personal preference.

The only things that changed from the first sketch to the final alter were headstones of graves, I wanted all of them to be the Collar of Avacyn as is often seen on MtG cards from Innistrad.

Alters before colorisation
Alters before colorisation

I had little to no input on the colours as I had no particular preference and MIB surprised me with this nocturnal theme, which I really like. It gives the whole alter the vibe of being bathed in moonlight, something unique to this card as my other alters thus far were colourful. The whole thing just looks precious.

Facebook page: MIB Alters

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