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Blasphemous Act

Updated: May 17, 2022

Alter by Bentistic MTG Alters.

The reference for this alter is original artwork by Livia Prima. I came across it on DeviantArt and fell in love with it. I do my best to respect artists and their work so I have reached out to Livia to ask for permission to have it drawn on a card for personal use. Initially I didn't know which card would fit the artwork but eventually decided on Blasphemous Act, the theme of the card seemed to fit the art well and it is one of the cards I am unlikely to remove from the deck.

Blasphemous Act by Bentistic MTG Alters, reference art Broken Hallelujah by Livia Prima.
Blasphemous Act by Bentistic MTG Alters

I have commissioned Bentistic MTG Alters for the alter because they do a lot alters from anime and comic book references, so I was confident they would be able to replicate the original image. It is not an exact copy of the reference art, but I was quite happy with it as I like the vibrant colours and the sort of comic/anime feel to it. My only other request was that the card used was from the original Innistrad set.

Facebook page: Bentistic MTG Alters

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