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Avacyn, the Purifier

Alter by MIB Alters.

The idea for this alter came to me a few months after my first commission from MIB. By this time the deck was solidified as a Voltron style deck that used mainly equipments. The longer I played with the deck the more I realised which cards were sort of essential, or at least the most often used during games. Before this idea came to me I saw several alter artists sharing their work that included references to other MtG cards, and at some point I thought it would be really cool to see art of Avacyn equipped with the various artifacts that I use in my deck.

So I took my time to compile a list of artifacts I wanted to be shown and sent MIB a request with a long list, hoping it was something he could work with, considering that even a full art MtG card is still a small medium to work on. MIB took up the challenge and was able to incorporate everything I wanted and more! I really love the amount of detail. The sketches sent by MIB are always great but when he adds colour it is a whole different level of awesome.

Avacyn the Purifier by MIB Alters
Avacyn the Purifier by MIB Alters

The alter shows Avacyn the Purifier wearing Darksteel Plate, Swiftfoot Boots and Basilisk Collar. Dowsing Dagger is attached to her armour, and she is wielding the Blackblade and Sword of Feast and Famine (Kaladesh Masterpiece version). In the first sketch Avacyn was not dual wielding, the second sword was sort of attached, but MIB is really good listening to feedback and eventually we settled on holding a sword in each hand. Next to Avacyn is Torch Courier goblin.

The goblin wasn't part of my original idea. When MIB sent me the first sketch the composition had a blank space and he suggested we could fit something else there. As we talked about it I thought about adding reference to one of the cards I think of as supporting characters (such as Brass Squire). Eventually I decided on Torch Courier because the goblin is one of the cards that just works really well with the deck's strategy. It is one of my favourite cards in the deck that could be considered “underestimated”.

Facebook page: MIB Alters

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