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Archangel Avacyn & Avacyn, the Purifier

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Alters by Ellie Shakirova MTG Alterations.

This was my first card alter commission. When I started to follow the various MtG Alter groups on Facebook, Ellie was one of the artists that always caught my attention. Her work had a unique style that inspired me to really think about commissions. I didn't really know what card I'd like altered but eventually decided it would have to be my favourite commander. I reached out to her and my idea was fairly vague and open to interpretation but Ellie was able to come up with something I still find to be amazing.

Alter of Archangel Avacyn and Avacyn, the Purifier by Ellie Shakirova.
Archangel Avacyn & Avacyn, the Purifier by Ellie Shakirova

Although technically one card, the alter was done on two cards to make it easier. In this instance Avacyn is not represented the way she is shown in MtG Lore (long white hair, black armour and clothing, Moonsilver Spear, etc.), I wanted the alter to be inspired by old traditional religious art. The idea behind the Purifier side was not showing Avacyn as evil, but sort of "old testament wrath of God". The only reference to Church of Avacyn is the sword, which is directly inspired by Angel of Finality.

What might not appear clearly in the above photo is that the alters are done on cards From the Vault: Transform set. As such there are foil elements, which mostly shows on the armour, the halos, parts of the card name banners and the sword. Another thing that might not appear clearly is that the black background is made of the same mosaic as the gold circles, which is extraordinary attention to detail in my opinion.

Alter of Archangel Avacyn and Avacyn, the Purifier by Ellie Shakirova.
Better view of the foil elements
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