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Archangel Avacyn

Alter by MIB Alters.

MIB is one of those artists with a unique style that always stood out to me among the other work shared on Facebook. MIB's sort of chibi art style has a certain flare to it that I have not seen achieved by anyone else. I also loved the use of colour and shading in his work. So I knew I wanted to commission an alter from MIB but I was stuck deciding on which card. My first instinct was to commission an alter of Avacyn again (chronologically this was my second card alter commission) but I thought maybe I should have a different commander card altered.

After some deliberation and the fact that I really wanted to see Avacyn done in MIB's style, I decided on Archangel Avacyn. At first I planned to ask for both sides to be done like with the previous alter, but settled on just the front White side due to financial reasons at the time as commissioning alters was still new to me back then. This actually worked out well in the long run because I came up with a great idea for the Purifier a few months later.

Archangel Avacyn by MIB Alters
Archangel Avacyn by MIB Alters

With this particular commission I had no specific idea in mind. I simply wanted Avacyn before her transformation in MIB's style. My only feedback to the sketches provided was to increase the size of the wings as I wanted them to be proportional to the body (just a personal preference when it comes to angel wings).

I was blown away by the colouring of the finished product. Even more so when I saw it in person for the first time. The gradients of colours and the line work is so fine it's hard to believe it was hand-drawn and not a digital print.

Facebook page: MIB Alters

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