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Updated: Feb 2

Tutors became essential in this deck for consistent performance. During the early game, tutors can mitigate whatever is lacking in the opening hand; be that card draw, lands or Equipment. In the later game, tutors can find the right tools to overcome whatever obstacles opponents are trying to use to stop Avacyn from dealing lethal combat damage.


  • Fighter Class

  • Relic Seeker

  • Steelshaper's Gift

  • Stoneforge Mystic

Equipment is a major focus of the deck, and so most tutors search for Equipment only. Some of the Equipment in the deck was chosen specifically to provide utility, such as card or mana advantage, instead of power boost or protection. Fighter Class is especially useful because it can reduce the equip cost.


  • Imperial Recruiter

  • Recruiter of the Guard

Creatures, like Equipment, were chosen to have utility that supports the strategy. The creature tutors are Equipment tutors with extra steps, because they can search for creatures like Stoneforge Mystic which in turn will search for Equipment.


  • Enlightened Tutor

  • Search for Glory

Many cards in the deck were chosen to allow these tutors to have a wide range of targets. For example, they can both search for Urza’s Saga because it is an enchantment Saga, and there are other cards that have types searchable by these tutors.

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