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The Strategy

Updated: Feb 2

This deck is a Voltron archetype. It is an aggressive (aggro) strategy that focuses on dealing combat damage with the commander. As such, the strategy of the deck is to support the commander to deal 21 or more combat damage to each opponent to eliminate them. This is achieved by increasing the commander’s damage, providing evasion and protection from removal.

The deck is focused and optimised for the Voltron strategy. It has no budget, but by choice it has no infinite combos and inherently the archetype and colours of the deck limit how powerful it can be.

The commander is Archangel Avacyn, who can transform into Avacyn, the Purifier.


The overall strategy is to live up to the archetype and be aggressive by attacking with Avacyn as soon as possible.

In the early game, the aim is to accumulate enough mana to cast Avacyn. This can be done as early as turn one, depending on the opening hand. On the turn the mana is available, Avacyn should be cast in the last opponent’s end step because of the flash ability. This greatly reduces the time Avacyn is on the battlefield as a potential target before she can attack, if she does not have haste.

Once Avacyn is on the battlefield, she should be provided with protection before power boosting equipment. The idea behind protection first is to put opponents on the defence as they search for answers rather than following their deck’s strategy. The deck has enough tutor effects to usually be able to find the right kind of protection.

If all is going well, in the midgame Avacyn will be equipped with multiple equipments and the deck is free to search for a way to maximise the commander's damage, and to react to opponents’ boardstates by finding the right tools to deal with whatever they are doing in an attempt to stop Avacyn from dealing combat damage to them.

The late game is not much different from the midgame. When there is only one opponent left the result of the game should be more or less clear; either their boardstate is not good enough to stop Avacyn or the deck is looking for an answer to win. By this point in the game, the deck is most often looking for a way to make Avacyn unblockable.

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