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Updated: Feb 2

Originally the deck was built without any low mana value single target removal spells. This has proven to be a weakness that has been addressed with the current version of the deck. The spells listed here are not all the removal in the deck, but spells that are dedicated removal.


  • Path to Exile

  • Swords to Plowshares

  • Wear // Tear

Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares are staple removal in decks with access to white colour. It doesn’t get better than one white mana to exile a target creature. Wear and Tear is useful because it is flexible as a spell.


  • Austere Command

  • Blasphemous Act

  • Vandalblast

  • Wrath of God

Boardwipes, like many other spells, were chosen for their value for mana. Wrath of God is the lowest mana value board wipe without any penalties, and Blasphemous Act can wipe the board (or at least most of it) for as little as one red mana. The main purpose of the Act is to sweep any large board states that token decks can produce. Vandalblast is a good flexible spell that only affects opponents. Austere Command is one of the few high mana value spells that cannot be reduced in cost but it is justified by its flexibility.

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