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Updated: Jan 26

Not all Equipment in the deck is listed here, as some of the other Equipment has a different primary role in the deck. However, the majority of Equipment is used either for attack or defence.


  • Blackblade Reforged

  • Embercleave

  • Grafted Exoskeleton

  • Sword of Body and Mind

  • Sword of Feast and Famine

  • Sword of Fire and Ice

  • Sword of Light and Shadow

  • Sword of War and Peace

The five original Mirran swords make up the bulk of the Equipment used for attacking. Their main benefit is the protection from various colours, and the deck has enough tutors to find the right sword to make Avacyn unblockable. Some of the swords give protection from red and white, which can be a drawback but it can be played around.

Blackblade Reforged is most useful in the late game when there are enough lands on the battlefield to give Avacyn a big power boost. Embercleave is great for maximizing combat damage; especially when double strike is combined with other swords, or other damage boosting effects. Grafted Exoskeleton changes the commander damage goal from 21 to 10 because it deals poison damage, which helps to eliminate opponents faster. It does have a drawback ability but it is not too bad since the deck is already built with the premise of having to re-cast the commander multiple times.


  • Champion's Helm

  • Darksteel Plate

  • Swiftfoot Boots

Champion’s Helm and Swiftfoot Boots are primarily used to protect Avacyn with hexproof, though their other abilities are also useful. Darksteel Plate is great because it cannot be destroyed, making it harder for opponents to remove the Equipment that provides the protection.


  • Basilisk Collar

  • Sigarda's Aid

Although not Equipment itself, Sigarda’s Aid is a great support card for Equipments and Auras. Not only does it allow casting of those at flash speed but it removes the equip cost when Equipment enters the battlefield.

Basilisk Collar is useful for attacking and blocking, but in this deck it serves mainly as a combo piece. When attached to Avacyn when she transforms to the Purifier, her ability deals damage to all other creatures with lifelink and deathtouch, which can wipe the board and gain lots of life. Outside of this combo, the life gain is useful to replace the life paid for land abilities.

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